The backpacks mod gives you the ability to craft backpacks for better storage. Backpacks can be used by right clicking on them while they are selected in your hotbar. Backpacks can also be equipped to the chestplate armor slot for the same amount of protection as an Iron Chestplate.

Backpack typesEdit

Normal backpacksEdit

A small backpack can be crafted using 8 leather pieces and a large one with 8 tanned leather pieces.

Backpack zps58f7d5b9 Big backpack

Colored backpacksEdit

You can create a colored backpack by puting a dye in the middle slot when crafting it. Red backpack Big red backpack

You can also recolor backpacks after you craft them.

Recolor to backpack Recolor to big backpack

Workbench BackpacksEditEdit

The Small Workbench Backpack is the same as a normal Workbench, but you can right click it while it is in your hand to open it instead of placing it. It does not have any inventory slots and is only used for crafting. The Big Workbench Backpack is the same as the Small Workbench Backpack, but it has eighteen storage slots. These backpacks are crafted the same way as the Big and Normal Backpacks, but a workbench is added to the empty slot in the middle. They cannot be colored.

All Workbench Backpacks conserve the items and their position in the crafting grid even if you leave the Workbench Backpack Interface, which is very useful for many crafting operations. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]